The Center for Emerging Business provides targeted, hands-on, how-to business education training and mentoring for small businesses and transitioning veterans.

Our Vision

TCFEB aims to be recognized as an innovative, top-notch training center in the Fayetteville area and all of North Carolina.

How do we do it?

We create and expand forward-thinking learning environments; opening opportunities that do not currently exist. Through hands-on, how-to seminars, workshops and courses; small businesses, entrepreneurs, and veterans receive useful knowledge and skills while gaining work experience.

Why do we do it?

It is our goal to serve multiple local jurisdictions and draw upon sustainable resources from within the community. The end results are the formation of new businesses, creation of new jobs, retention of those businesses and workforce in the community, and financial strengthening of the contiguous communities.



We serve all counties in North Carolina.

government contract awards

We've secured more than $17 Billion in government
contract awards for large and small businesses.

years of experience

Collectively, senior management has more than 60 years of experience.

The Team

Diana Potts

CEO, The Center For Emerging Business

An expert in small and diversity businesses as well as environmental and sustainability initiatives within the government, Ms. Potts works with industry and educational institutions to help develop business opportunities and provide training. She is considered a leading expert for small/ diversity businesses and served as NC delegate to the Small Business Advisory Council to the White House in 2010 to 2012 and again from 2014 to 2016.
I’m a huge fan of small business ownership. I think it’s the backbone of American innovation. But to be successful, you first must have the courage to go for it.

Peter Gordon

Business Development Consultant

As an experienced government proposal writer, facilitator, and marketing expert, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TCFEB team. He is a retired U.S. Special Operations Soldier who excels at working with local businesses, their owners, and other local stake holders to create relationships with federal and state entities. He is a trained instructor and the chief source of marketing advice and information for the TCFEB.
We live in an age where we succeed by what we know. More than any other factor, getting the knowledge you need is the most important influence for your business' success.

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