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$22 Billion is being sent from the Federal Government to fund NC DOT projects over the next 5 years. The last time NC received this type of funding; our businesses were not prepared to perform the work and out-of-state companies were hired.

We are working with NCDOT/HUB office, NC Works, and NC colleges to train NC companies and veterans, so these opportunities can be awarded to companies, here in NC.

This funding is being given to NC for projects on our highways/bridges, Water/sewer, pipeline, and communication utilities. We also train veterans with the help of NC Works and our NC college systems, to perform the skill sets needed to work for the companies winning the bids on these projects. It becomes a closed loop with skilled workers, informed NC companies, and a successful project bringing money into the NC economy.

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Farmers produce much more than food to eat, these days. A lot of them are creating renewable energy in a variety of ways. Facilities using wind, solar, biomass (energy derived from plant and animal materials), and other renewable sources help to lower energy cost. Additionally, farmers and rural businesses can enjoy an increase in their income.

The Union of Concerned Scientists states, “Tripling U.S. use of biomass for energy could provide as much as $20 billion in new income for farmers and rural communities and reduce global warming emissions by the same amount as taking 70 million cars off the road.”

It's proven everyday, by farmers across the world, that reducing the use of fossil energy for agriculture is possible. There are farmers who rely less and less on fossil energy; in particular, commercial fertilizers and pesticides. Their methods are ecologically-focused, socially responsible, and economically smart. This is agriculture for sustainability.

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